Monday, June 24 - Saturday, June 29, 2024

Join us as we Journey Farthest Out.

About Us

Daily Program

All Ages Welcome

Mt. Lassen JFO is designed for people of all ages. We share our time and faith through the generations. A planned program is provided for children through junior high age during the morning talks and prayer groups. During the evening talks, a fun program, including games, crafts, and activities, will be provided for children under junior high age. The senior high group meets during prayer groups and after the evening program. Young adults meet each evening after the evening program.

It all starts in the Meadow

Each morning we wake to the beauty of the meadow as we meditate our day to an opening. In the mid-morning we spend time again in the meadow exploring Rhythms and Creatives. Rhythms is a time to move our bodies with the Spirit, gentle yoga type movements that engage our bodies with our minds and Spirits in prayer. During our Creative time we are able to use many artistic mediums to delve into other ways of expressing our faith

Balance is the key to our camp program.

We attune body, mind & spirit in prayer.

Each day’s program includes:

  • Morning Meditation - Begin each day with God in quiet reflection overlooking the meadow.
  • Singing - Praise God in joyous, spirited song.
  • Talks - Listen to our speakers as they share their personal faith journeys.
  • Rhythms - Use exercise and movement as a means of experiencing wholeness.
  • Creatives - Let God speak as you use various mediums, such as chalk, writing, and clay.
  • Prayer Groups - In small adult groups we experience the power of prayer as we listen to God and share with each other.
  • Rest - Take advantage of a quiet horizontal hour.
  • Relaxation & Fun - From softball games to swimming, many activities are available in and around beautiful Mt. Lassen. Daily group events will be announced, or spend time with your friends and family playing together at the game tables.